Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I decided to try out a new yoga class tonight. It was absolutely INSANE!

First off, it began with some crazy wack chanting. Now, I've been in yoga classes that involved a little chanting to get centered, but this was some really serious, spiritual chanting.

The poses were like nothing I've seen before. There were a few moments of cobra, plank, downward dog and child's pose, but that is the extent of what I knew. I seriously struggled through every movement (well, except for the meditation at the end). My muscles were burning and I couldn't stop shaking, but I powered through!

As a finale, there was more weird chanting and then we all had to bless each other, sort of how you do the whole "peace be with you" thing in Catholic church.

At the end, the instructor recommended that I soak in a hot bath tonight, a piece of advice that I took, cause I could already feel my muscles aching on the ride home.

Don't know if I'll go back. It was a killer workout, but I'm not sure I'm the chanting type.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Washing My Hair

I got a sample of Dove Cool Moisture shampoo and conditioner in the mail and tried it out today. It smells SO good! I just might have to switch from my regular stuff. But you never do know with shampoo. It's always good the first time you try a new one, but then it starts to get weird and build up. We'll see when I run out of my existing stuff -- It just might be worth a shot.

Sad that a shampoo sample was the highlight of my day, huh?

Monday, August 20, 2007

A Brand New Bag

Trader Joe's has the cutest new reusable totes for sale! Unfortunately, I bought a set earlier this year when they were only offering the boring red ones with the hibiscus print.

Boo hoo :(

P.S. I stole this picture from an eBay post, so thanks to the photographer!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Not sure why, but I was feeling compelled to come back here today. Hi!

It has been a very lazy day because I am completely and utterly exhausted by the yard sale we orchestrated yesterday. We've been homeowners for only three years and married for only two, but in that time we have somehow amassed a frightening load of junk. My parents have been accumulating junk for much longer, so they had plenty to spare, some of which we also sold.

Some points on the yard sale:

-- We made a little over $400, which I guess is a nice little chunk of change for things that would have otherwise ended up at Goodwill.

-- My mom helped us out all day, which I am so grateful for. If you're going to do a yard sale, I recommend having as many helpers as possible in the morning!

-- We advertised in the paper, on craigslist and with signs. All advertisements indicated we were starting at 8. Somehow we had about four customers BEFORE 7! And probably 10 by 8. GEEZ people! They were all clamoring in the garage as we tried to unload the stuff and arrange it on the tables. And some were RUDE, trying to low-ball us before the sale even started.

-- The absolute worst is when people try to bargain for a price that is totally ridiculous, but it is late in the day and you know that if you don't accept their haggling, you're going to have one more thing to haul to Goodwill. Definitely takes some self-restraint to deal with these folks, which I think I did a surprisingly good job of considering I wanted to beat them over the head with the stupid resin bunny they wanted to buy.

Anyway, it feels good to have some empty space in the house now. Can't wait to fill it back up ;)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


In case anyone's pets want to befriend my pets online:




Sunday, July 15, 2007

In My Room

I spent every night this past week and a big part of the weekend cleaning out my craft room. It was an absolute mess! You couldn't even see the carpet. I can't believe how much work it took, but I'm very happy now -- It's completely organized. And I got rid of a ton of things to sell at our yard sale in a few weeks.

I thought there was a reason I had an immediate love of the new Stampin' Up color "Wild Wasabi" -- It's the exact same color as my craft room wall!

I got a chance to make a few cards with my new toys tonight. It was so pleasant to work in my tranquil, organized space!

P.S. I can't fix the spacing on this post. I know it looks horrible, but I've been trying to fix it for 40 minutes, and I can't deal any more.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Steve and I decided to take advantage of the All-Star Game festivities in San Francisco yesterday!

First, we went to the FanFest. There were a lot of fun things to do, but crazy crowds and long lines. We waited an hour to get personalized baseball cards made of ourselves, but it was worth it! They let you pick which team you wanted to be on. Guess which team we picked??

Then we went to the ballpark to watch the "Futures" and "Legends and Celebrities" games. I personally enjoyed the celebrities, which included Mike from "Desperate Housewives," Jimmy Kimmel and Rob Schneider. Also, Steve's BFF Jerry Rice was there ;)

And as long as I'm talking about baseball and cleaning off my camera's memory card, here are a few from last month when the Red Sox were here to play the A's. We had great seats in the second row on the field and were even spotted on TV a few times!